• Best Cordless Telephones

Best Cordless Telephones

Don't want to spend too much time in searching for the best cordless telephones? Well, we'll make a bestseller list per month and they are based on consumer reviews and sales.
  • At&T Cordless Telephones

At&T Cordless Telephones

AT&T distributes a certain number of different Cordless Telephones, including some modern-looking models. These include bluetooth, digital, answering system and others. The most favorite model is SL82318.
  • Clarity Cordless Telephones

Clarity Cordless Telephones

Clarity specializes in manufacturing amplified cordless phones. Their products not only can boost caller's voice but also remove the background noise. Therefore, it is really a good choice for the elderly.
  • Motorola Cordless Telephones

Motorola Cordless Telephones

Some Motorola Cordless Telephones are featuring wireless network friendly, meaning you won't get interference while calling. Some higher end models come with Wireless Headset for bluetooth connective.
  • Panasonic Cordless Telephones

Panasonic Cordless Telephones

Panasonic offers excellent quality cordless telephones in the upper price range, starting at $50 for home use to $1500 for business environment. Accordingly, you'll be most likely to find the best suits your needs.
  • Philips Cordless Telephones

Philips Cordless Telephones

Philips provide us stylish and sleek cordless phones which boasts high def voice quality. However, somebody complaint about short battery life.
  • Siemens Cordless Telephones

Siemens Cordless Telephones

Siemens sells one line of cordless telephones called Gigaset. Their voice quality is good and support multi-line but still have some issues like terrible Vcard function, slow web interface.
  • Uniden Cordless Telephones

Uniden Cordless Telephones

Uniden is another large telephone manufacturer. Their prices are cheap (as low as $17) while you can still get a good quality product. Besides, they also come with phonebook, large display screen and the other basic features.
  • VTech Cordless Telephones

VTech Cordless Telephones

VTech is well known for cordless telephones. Products are available in different types, including answering device, bluetooth capability and WiFi friendly. Aside from these, some are provided with one-year warranty.
  • 2 Line

2 Line

Just like traditional telephones, it enables people can make use of two phone lines (two different phone numbers ) simultaneously on the same device. The decent choice is Panasonic KX-TG9392T.
  • 4 Or 5 Handsets

4 Or 5 Handsets

It does mean the cordless telephone system which is equipped with 4 or 5 handsets. Make sure you have checked the maximum number of handsets supported by telephone if you want to expand.
  • 5.8 Ghz

5.8 Ghz

One thing you have to be wared of is interference. Because some wireless router models are also working at 5.8 GHZ band so it might result in interference. You better r choose wifi friendly one, or 1.8 GHZ and even lower.
  • Answering System

Answering System

Usually, the average recording time of answering system is about 15 mins.
  • Big Button

Big Button

This type of cordless telephones is often be able to amplify the voice as well. These two points would make it perfect for the elderly.
  • Bluetooth


Bluetooth compatible cordless telephones are very convenient as you can use bluetooth to received calls and transfer phonebook from one handset to another.
  • DECT


DECT is the shortname for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. According to wikipedia, it features multiple handsets in one device and limited interference-free distance.
  • Wall Mount

Wall Mount

This design give you the ability to attach cordless phones to walls. The mounting hole is typically on the telephone base.
  • Long Range

Long Range

The lower the frequency the further the distance. 1.8ghz, for example, has a bigger range than the 5.8ghz telephones.

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